So, I just ordered another car part…I really should stop.
But I can’t.

Good news is, it was only 4 extra dollars for 3 day shipping.
So I did that too. 

Jesus Christ, what am I supposed to do for another 3 days?
My life is full of waiting.

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"Workflow" is probably the most annoying hashtag ever.
(for me, at least).

I don’t mean to generalize, but it’s almost always a female that posts a selfie of their outfit before work.
(this does NOT exclude dudes).
Like, come on now, get your ass to work and do what you’re paid to do. Ain’t shit “flowing” at work if you’re too busy in the bathroom playing America’s Next Top Model on your phone with the mirror goddamn it,

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White People

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Skinny Love (Bon Iver) - covered by Daniela Andrade

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finally finished… 

deeeeem lol worth it right?!

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1/1/2014 4:55AM

i accept myself.

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The God, The Detective & The Goddess.

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I used to surround myself with things I found on Tumblr when I was sad.
And it’s not a bad place to be if you want a hundred million quotes that seem the slightest bit relate-able. The fact is, most of these are so vague to the point that almost any situation could be attached to them.

The harder part is keeping an open mind to go along with the open quotes that seem to grasp you from with in.

There’s always a different side to the story, no matter what you think you know. And thinking you’re right about something you have no insight to just makes you that much more incorrect.

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I loaded the gun, but you pulled it.
So I guess we’re both to blame.

I can’t say it doesn’t bother me, that’d be a lie.
I can’t say anything else because I’d remember.
And I’m choosing to forget.


the cigarette’s burning so close to the filter, but i just kept inhaling.
i could feel winter’s cold bite on my skin. the snow was so beautiful,
sleeping so quietly a foot and a half high.

and all i was doing was thinking. 
(you’ve been taking good care of yourself, Micael, you really have).
and all the while i’ve realized now, i could only take care of one person.
and i used to be
willing to let myself deteriorate for the sake of another.
it was quite the feeling til it was charred.
so i tried to do both instead, and it’d only be two glasses half full, or half empty (whichever you’d prefer).
and now it’s just me. 

you’re gone. and until i learn how to make both those glasses half as tall, so that they’d both be filled to the brim, i leave the world of indefinite emotions to a much more capable me.

and who that is, i still haven’t come to be.

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Passing of an eclipse - By: (Miss Aniela)
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Guilty as I may be, for that you’ll never know.
I did at one point, tell you everything. And you taught me to kept my mouth shut with your judgments. 
Living the lie that honesty will keep you in a beneficiary state.
It sickens me.
To live so open to tell, much different from others.
It doesn’t work. A person who lives like such is rare to come by.
But now I am no different. 
You may have your suspicions, but that’s all they’ll ever be,

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